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The “Geometric Beasts” collection is a series of ink drawings by Kerby Rosanes depicting his own interpretation of one’s struggle on breaking away from societal norms and just be who we truly are as unique individuals.


Kerby Rosanes


Kerby Rosanes is an illustrator based in the Philippines working mainly with multi liners to magically illustrate his intricate "doodle" world.


At 25, he has worked with various global brands and has already published five books including New York Times Best-Seller, Animorphia. When not at his drawing desk, he travels the world to find new ideas and inspirations. 


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Insanely detailed designs for a temporary tattoo, it makes me want to go out and get inked for real!


How detailed! That kind of huge satisfaction with this ink on me, i'm loving it big time.


Having this Phoenix tattoo while being right at the top of this active volcanic Mount Bromo gives me chills and a new confidence.


I love this fierce yet elegant eagle avatar resembling the spirit of freedom. It was great to adventure with this tattoo!


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